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Hm... lets see. What is uncatlike about the Warriors cats... Ah-ha! I got it! Hm, though if I post it I might give it away. :(


Go ahead and post. That will mean you are the first to get it right!

Raintail & Frostfur


Answer: Their eye-site! *Raintail purrs as she opens a scroll of a cat's eye she stole from a two-leg nest* Scientists say that a cat sees black & white, but in the 'Warriors' series, or should I say, our cronicles, they/we see in color!

P.S Hee, Hee, check out on what I put in the E-mail section. ;)


*throws lots of confetti*
You're right!
P.S. Hey! Since when did YOU join ScienceClan? ;-)

Raintail & Frostfur

YAY! HUZZA! *Does a victory dance on her hind legs while purring loudly which looks really wierd*

P.S. Um... *Raintail rolls her eyes with a smile* Lets just say I met up with some TreeClan cats not too long ago and we made/did something called ScienceClan. It's a mini clan thats in a cave by Four-Trees and its really cool.


Are we on the computer at the same time? (looks suspiciously around for Raintail)

Raintail & Frostfur

Maybe! Hee Hee.

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