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Ooh! Cool! I'm a cat lover so I'm sure I'll like them! I can't wait to read them!!!

Hi Agnes! Whats up?

anne with an e

There's a character in Harry Potter named Remus, he is one of my fave characters but my friend does'ent trust him because he's a werewolf, and I call her a wolfist ( tee hee!)

anne with an e

I'm also writing a Harry Potter story. A chapter a week on my blog when it is done. I've still got 10 chapters to write!


Cool! Go Remus :-)
I didn't know you had a blog! It's got such a cool name!

Emily(Anne with an E)

I am working on chapter 6 in my Harry Potter story:-)

Emily(Anne with an E)

I finnaly figerd out how to do those little happy faces!!! :-)

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