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Great review! It's good to hear somebody's reading around here because I haven't been.


Agnes, I am posting from vactaion ( I think thats how you spell it). We were at an EWTN thing. I got ALL of you guys gifts and Margerte a birthday gift.

Marybeth, We are going to be driving by the area where you live but its going to be in the middle of the night so we can not visit I wil not be poasting on this blog until I get home if you want to talk you can
e-mail me.


Oh man. I wish you where here during the day......I might e-mail you.


Hey allie, for a person who hardly goes to the librery(i think thats how spell it,hm.............ok watev')you seem to get pretty good books!(don't take that the wwrong way!!!!)I'm gonna try it!


Its Agnes not Allie Veronica, I will tell you why next time we meet.


Thanks for the comments, guys! In a minute or so I will post about my vacation...
(P.S. Thanks, V! I will ask Yumi if she can lend you her 'Elyon' books as well.)

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