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July 15, 2008



Thanks for the response to my question, Alice. I pray your thatched roof is only and always a blessing to your family! :)

Elizabeth H

Beautiful! And I'm so glad you found a Brit to help you in your hour of need :-)


Alice, I would go with the flame retardant. I've seen a house with a thatched roof burn. If the thatch catches, it's not pretty.

Alice Gunther

Good advice, Kathryn! Thanks.


Oh my Irish heart is envious!!!!! I am delighted for you Alice, cannot wait to see it finished.
Now, my cottage needs a new roof, hmmmmmmmmm what are the chances??????

Alice Gunther

Thanks everyone!

Kathryn, I ordered twenty gallons of non-toxic flame retardant this morning! And, as a fringe benefit, the thatcher says it actually makes the bright yellow color of the new thatch last longer.


Extra safety and cosmetic advantages too - got to be a good decision! I just saw the most recent pictures. It is looking lovely.

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