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July 18, 2008


Karen in SC

Is it finished yet? I'd like to see more pictures!

Cheryl M.

Alice, is the thatch rood completed? We *need* new pics! Please. :)


Wait... you really have a thatched roof on your house? Oh my goodness -- I think that is one of the neatest things I have seen in quite some time! Wow... reminds me of my trip to Ireland with my parents (I'm half-Irish).

Wow... I am seriously impressed!


This is incredible as you never see a thatched roof anymore. Thanks for sharing and your blog is beautiful.

rita murphy o reilly

hi alice your thatched house is amazing .whata awonderful idea must show this one to my mother.must be the only one in new york?


Jeanne Schurz - Amazing! I smile every time I see the shoes & can almost hear Taffi & Chris laiuhgng in the middle photo. Last shot everyone should be that happy for a moment in their lives. Great birthday present. Thanks, Anna. You're the BEST.

Mary Lou Gormley Warren

Having a thatched roof in America, what a novel idea! Seeing photos of your roof immediately brings up images of my grandmother' home in Ireland and everything Irish in my heritage of which I am so proud. Years ago, my son and I were fortunate to visit my grandparent's hometown in Tyrone and Monaghan where we met about 60 relatives still living there. They shared stories of what it was like back then - true heroism in action for the love of God and His holy Church! Ireland was more beautiful than I had imagined and going back there really helped me understand who I really am. PS Your website is outstanding!

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