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July 16, 2008



That is so neat - I saw a segment on Martha Stewart years back. Fascinating.


Wow! That is awesome!


That's so neat!


Thanks for the peek into this project, Alice. How fun to see how it's done!

Mary G.

Very cool, Alice! Can't wait to see it when you're all done (and nice tie-in to the new book!)

Mary Ellen Barrett

I love it!

Christine M

The whole process is so neat! Thanks for sharing the pictures

Sarah Craggs

Alice, your thatched roof brings back many good memories of my husband's and my motoring trips around England twenty years ago. He was studying to be a garden designer in London, but our weekends were devoted to exploring. Did we have fun! Thanks for the memories and enjoy!


Thank you so much for sharing this. It's very interesting.


Lovely, lovely, lovely!


That is going to be just astonishingly gorgeous.

Karen Edmisten

That. Is. Too. Cool. For. Words.


That is the coolest thing ever!


How neat is that! I'll have to show it to the kids in the morning. Congrats!


Just popped in! This is so incredibly amazing. All I can think of is Ireland and all the scenes that I imagine in my head as I dream of one day visiting the Emerald Isle and County Cork. You are an amazing person....I'm so priviledged to call you "friend." The imagery of the hay in stacks is too perfect considering your beautiful new book's title. xoooxxo


Hi Alice!

It was a pleasure meeting you at the conference-I'm Michele's friend, originally from Rockville Centre.
All the talks were outstanding. I really enjoyed your talks. You were so easy to relate to and very inspiring.
We have three children 17,16 and 4. The oldest 2 are in Catholic High School but I am discerning if homeschooling would be right for the little one and the rest of us at this time.
So much about homeschooling seems so right but I'm still working through my fears and concerns regarding socializing an "only" child and my own need to be involved.
Thank you for adding some perspective to some of my concerns.
You are delightful and I wish you much success with your book and future speaking engagements, I have a feeling there will be many, you are a natural!

As a daughter of two Irish immigrants who were born and raised in cottages in the "old country", I can truly appreciate this fabulous addition to your home. It's just wonderful! I hope it brings many smiles for years to come.

May God continue to bless you and your family!



Would like to have some baserunning tips. Tips for stlaeing bases, what to look for when trying to steal 2nd and 3rd off of RHP's and LHP's and leads at 2nd base (deep or shallow) and why and what situation.


Rochelle Gandour August 23, 2011 at 4:20 am hi!this sounds fanacnitisg, and i'm interested in helping out. however, do you need folks who have been residents of their homes and states for a certain period of time? i am currently in transition and will be moving to seattle, washington next month. i wonder what that means for my personal ecology, especially, having come from new hampshire, spent some time in europe this summer, and now slowly traveling across the U.S.i'm going to try to sign up for a kit, but i wanted to mention my situation to you, and ask you what your response is, even if i don't qualify for a kit for whatever reason.thanks!best,rochelle


excellent, Bob. grab a cold one as my way of saying crgnoats . here's to many more years of B&R, enlightening discussion, boneheads and other things of the day, and a general increase in fan base. what has it felt like to still be creating an amazing legacy?


Hi Tori. Yes, I know exactly why. a reedar of A Knight in Central Park sent a great review to Pixel of Ink letting them know that A Knight in Central Park was $.99 and so Pixel of Ink put the word out and the book took off. It was doing well before the mention in Mid-April, but Pixel of Ink gave my time travels a huge spike!

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