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May 01, 2008



Must be spring!

Margaret in Minnesota

Can we come play? :)


It's so pretty, thank you for sharing their little bounty :) Oh and can we come too?

Mary Ellen Barrett

Very pretty


I can't get over your flowers! We have daffodils and crocuses and that's it, so far.


so pretty! Raggedy Ann is a very lucky doll.


so so pretty! I love all the flowers. The O'Flaherty's will forgive you for using the Barry's Tea box. Len worked for Lyons Tea for 35 years :-)



I have tried clinique's line and up until that point, it was the best thing that worekd for my acne. It made my acne decrease but it never got rid of all of it. I used the Tea Tree Oil line for two months. It made my skin tone a lot better, it made my redness decrease, it made my skin super soft. But it didn't clear my acne. And it made me sad haha I really wanted this stuff to work. If you hve skin like mine, I suggest going to see a Dermatologist. Thats what I did after this. She told me

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