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May 06, 2007


Cay in La.

"That's the beauty of the Liturgical Year. Delight lies around every corner."

Truly! Truly, it does.
What a beautiful image, Alice.




Beautiful! Can I go on one of your outings?

Cheryl M.

Very beautiful, Alice!

Suzanne Temple

It's lovely!




The medallion of Our Lady and her sweet Baby is just beautiful. I have never seen one like it before. What a special night!

Helen (Mary Vitamin)

Can I just say...


Account Deleted

How wonderful the delights you show your children, Alice. Awe inspiring!


So very beautiful.


WOW, what more can I say?? Truly stunning!


You must have sounded heavenly! What a lovely night.

Kristen Laurence

What a beautiful post to read just before I retire for the evening!


What a beautiful surprise for your children!


Wow. I am speechless.


How wonderful a tribute to Our Holy Mother. Your children are so blessed.

Jane Ramsey

Alice, what a sweet surprise for your children! It is a gorgeous medallion!


Alice, you always have the most wonderful ideas for teaching the children about their faith, the liturgy, love for Our Lady and the Saints, etc., etc.! They are growing up to love and respect their God and ALL He has given them! You are making such an impact on their lives both now and in the future! Once they are grown with little ones of their own they will realize the sweet wisdom of their earthly Mother and how very blest they were and are to have you in their lives!


What a lovely guide you are on this path for your young ones. Thank for sharing it with us. You enrich our lives so much.


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