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May 31, 2007



Look at that PICNIC BASKET! Oh, it's lovely - and I just realized that I have everything I need to make one just like it! Guess what we'll be doing this afternoon? (althoug hour garden doesn't even have its lilacs out yet - northern climates!)


What a lovely tea party! I love the last photo, with Mother Mary standing guard to protect all from any rhodie ills. Fascinating article too, Alice. But your bushes don't say "Eat Me" or "Drink Me" so you'll be okay.;-)


What fun, and such a beautiful setting, those Rhody's are amazing, and not surprising at the Cottage!!


And that article was fascinating. I just had to LOL at that last line!Perfect!


Ohhh I could just sit down and have tea with all of you (I will bring something yummy to eat) xoxox Clarice


You are truly surrounded by beauty~beautiful lawns, beautiful flowers, beautiful children!

Theresa ♥

Interesting Article (loved the last line) but the pictures are gorgeous as are your children.

Cheryl M.

Alice, what an interesting article...and yes, I think it was written for you. :) Gosh, the shrubs and your girls are so beautiful!


The last line of the article had me chuckling aloud, Alice!

Jennifer James

Your photos are breathtaking! I've never seen a rhododendron that big before.


Patsi girl ! you have so much in bloom I am jealous ; )I love that Rhodo ! .. I would rellay like to know the full name so I can keep an eye out for one myself .. I think azaleas are not quite liking me .. my original one has darn right refused to flower for me the last few years and I am fed up on that .. I'm moving Quickfire hydrangea in that spot and moving the azalea to another spot .. some where ... good heavens ! WHERE ??????


I didn't realize that he itleslratud Little Bear. Now I need to look at my book. Little Bear is the reason I call my kids Brother Bear and Sister Bear. Sister Bear, my oldest, was given a Little Bear from my dad. She was his Little Bear until her brother was born then she became Sister Bear. Ah, Maurice, you will be missed.


Kaylyn Henry Bear's Gram - Hi Rebecca! what great pics. I LOVE them. I spent some time reading thugroh your blog entries and had a great time learning about you, your darling boys and your amazing talent. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us. We are blessed!!September 23, 2006 11:59 PM


From what iI've gleaned from renadig Kirkman's Walking Dead', smashing their skulls seems to be just as effective as a blade, and there's less chance of getting your weapon stuck. I'll stick with the hammer.If I know Kelly, she'll meet up with a zombie who feels some inexplicable compulsion to protect her from his brethren horde.

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