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March 04, 2007


Theresa ♥

Wow! Girl, I agree you have had quite enough water for awhile!

Looks like fun though. *smile*


Wow, that is a lot of water! Glad you didn't get anymore damage from it!!!


Wow! My 7yo saw it and said she wanted to come back. :) :)

Karen E.

My girls will be jealous.


Oh, me! Oh, my! What a wonderful pond. My boys (and girl) would be all over it!

Glad you no damamge from the water!


Alice, Each Spring our backyard becomes a lake as well. The kids enjoy it while it lasts but we are always glad to see the green grass peeping out once it drains.

Have fun! :)


Alice, your yard is a bit wet.
My parents' front field used to flood enough that we could row around in a little inflatable boat, and invariably we would fall in. Good times.

Account Deleted

How fun!


So, it'll be AMSND on ice???


Oh Alice! You guys have been busy with water! Glad you're so positive!


Oh my gosh, a personal yard lake!


Fun times! Love the paper boats.

C.L. Moriarty Parman

Here in N.W. MO we, too had our share of water. the river was clear over the tall corn by East Fork. Some beans are drowned out and some corn won't be productive. All of farming is a gamble. today the sun is bright and humidity lower, praise the lord. I know how much fun the kids must have had with your water. I remember our creek flooding when I was a kid. We caught carp by hand. Thanks for a delightful site.

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