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January 28, 2007



Moments like that are so special! It is like God helps time to stand still, and we are given the opportunity to be a part of the infinite splender of God's creation. They produce gardens in our memory to reflect upon when those days of less sun peer over us.
We had a similar situation. After growing up in a more populated suburban area, we moved to a more countryfied suburban area.(only 10 miles away ) We never thought such wildlife would still be around! Our daughter who was about 15 yrs old at the time saw an animal in the woods, next to our back yard, looking at her. She at first thought it was a cat and then thought that it was a miniature dog. She called to this cute "dog" but he turned around and ran. She realized by the looks of the tail it wasn't a dog but some strange new animal "half cat and half dog"!! I got scared by this odd description she gave us of the animal, but my husband knew right off that it was a fox! WE all laughed at the mistaken identity! How silly of us not to realize!
Some time had passed and this fox came to visit us again during our homeschooling hours. Our dog was outside at the time and this fox curled up about 20 feet from our dog, preened himself and went to sleep. Our dog had a cute friend for company that afternoon. And we had the gift of observing wild life seeking the company of our pet dog!
They both had an afternoon siesta together!
Thank You God for beautiful moments like these!


What is it with dogs perching on coeuchs like cats? My beagle used to do the same thing! Until she fell off one day and I guess it was tramatic enough to scare her from doing it again. And no, I did not push her. John did. She's fine now. And even lets him pet her..


Well one thing most rescues check is your vet and the hirtosy you have with them, do you have a primary vet that has seen both pets at least once a year since you got them/moved to the area? Have you been giving heartworm/flea prevention on schedule and have you gotten all the needed vaccines?If the answers are yes then I think you have a great chance, though you should make sure to ask the shelter staff if they cat test the dogs and if they do then ask them to show you only the cat friendly dogs, then once you have narrowed it down to a short list make sure your dog has a chance to meet and give his opinion of his new friend Was this answer helpful?

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