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January 04, 2007



Alice, this is the most beautiful Christmas memory I can imagine!!

Cay in La.

I ditto what Dawn said. What a wonderful, wonderful memory.

This makes me miss my little acreage of woodland so much! :(

For the path of lights, why not let the children hold candles until you can get something more permanet? Just a thought.


Wow, that is gorgeous. It looks so peaceful. I love this idea.


That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen - I'm bookmarking this into my Christmas folder and next year, I'm going to try it, too!
I love Tasha Tudor.


So very beautiful and inspiring!

Love2learn Mom

I love it!


What a beautiful tradition to pass on to generations!


Another wonderful idea Alice! I'm sure you'll do the path of candles someday. Your children look so well dressed and sweet.

Jane Ramsey

So beautiful!
How blessed your children are, Alice!


How wonderful, can I come and just live in your garden, I promise I won't be any bother, please...:)

Suzanne Temple

This is magic!

Our Magnum Opus

Oh, Alice. I longed to do this years ago when we lived in the city. Now that we have some woods of our own, I had forgotten all about it. I'm so glad you shared this! Next Christmas...


The scene is just a dream! That is yet another idea I will borrow! We don't have "woods," but a dark corner of the yard would work well. Thank you again, Alice.


This is so very lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!

Kristen Laurence

This is such a treasure, for your family and for all of us! I also love Tasha Tudor. And how relieved I am to know that you once wished for this and it came true years later. It is a dream of mine to have an outdoor nativity one day! Now I know it's possible. God bless you, Alice!


This is absolutely beautiful!


Wow, Mom, the photos are so pretty!



Jenn Miller

I didn't see this until now. It's just beautiful! I loved that idea from Tasha Tudor...I also think I read that it's a German custom. How lovely that you have a place to do that!


Alice, I finally ordered the Tasha Tudor book and smiled when I came to the passage about the Creche in the Woods - I didn't remember it as the inspiration for your own, but I immediately thought of this post as I read the words. Now the wheels are turning in my own mind....


Alice your nativity and family are beautiful! I've been looking for a lovely outdoor nativity for a few years now. Do you mind sharing where you found it? Still praying for your mother, and family. God bless.


Dear Michelle,you have captured the betuay of the individuals as well as their loving family unit & the joy they share being with each other. Thank you for sharing these images with us all. Ryan's aunt aka ABG

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