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December 04, 2006



*Love* the halo!


Oh my, so lovely! No fairer blooms could be found in any garden, Alice!


What photos! The third one brought tears to my eyes, the dresses are adorable, and the "highlights" are angelic indeed.


Too cute!

Cay in La.

"Angelic Halo Salon". LOL How clever!!! :)

I believe it is always springtime at your house, Alice. :)


Beautiful indeed!!! And if I had six daughters I would "own" the floral fabric store! :)


What beautiful blessings!


Your pictures are TOO beautiful! Okay, now I want everything in MY house to be done in floral prints, too! My two blondies often have their hair styled at the same Angelic Salon as yours, I think.


Such sweet, beautiful girls! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos...they made my morning!


Your children are beautiful. Catherine's highlights came out lovely and those matching dresses are adorable.


Oh! You can almost see her guardian angel hovering over her...so sweet!


They are *so* gorgeous.

Kristen Laurence

Beautiful girls you have, Alice!

Heather - New York

How precious are those beautiful blossoms!!!




Such joyfilled, peaceful photos of your girls, Alice. Beautiful!


Thanks for sharing your delightful blooms! So precious!


Hi Jon,The Who to follow on tiettwr helped find your blog in case you thought I was stalking you lolGlad to see you're using wordpress; it's the best! Not much has happened at channel 4. Hope you're well.Regards,Hal


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Wow .thank you for capturing my baby girls sooo well. You can see their big psoarnelities shining through. 1 cant wait to see the rest. Just Beautiful!Thank You,Mike Oliveira

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