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November 08, 2006



Is that NOW? It's beautiful there! I can't believe how warm it looks -and I love that temporary pond.

Alice Gunther

Beck, thank you!

The "temporary pond" is actually a shabby old pool cover, but, when it fills with water and reflects the autumn leaves, it actually does start to look pretty nice. The animals certainly seem to love it!

Yes, we had a very warm day yesterday, although it is raining buckets now.


I love your garden photos. I think I was still very comment shy when you posted your azalea photos, but wow - those were AMAZING! I never would have guessed that's a pool cover. How clever!


first of all be sure to use some beneficial baitcrea after you get everything started up again. This can help balance the pond, prime a bio filter if you have one, and generally keep the pond cleaner, which also might make it harder for algae to grow. Add floating plants if you can and be sure to visit our blog and you'll get a lot of other ideas on how to keep algae away in a small pond.Hope this helps!

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