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September 29, 2006



That is hysterical!! Love the Autumn stew too, beautiful!!


Too funny! Winogradsky Columns under the Rhododendrons...

Mary Beth P

How lovely! I have all boys, so we made a "lovely" glass pitcher of earthworms and grass clippings!


Hi Gents,Tim Ferriss here. I got your tweet. This looks very cool on a conceptual level, but I'm not clear on how lererans acquire new vocab, grammar, etc. If you're up for it, I'd love to get an overview (I read the about , but it didn't answer the above). Pls email amyatfourhourworkweekdotcom if this is of interest.Good luck!Tim


Det har ikke ve6rt for mange av sommerdagene i e5r, men de som har ve6rt er det vildeg godt e5 kunne se tilbake pe5. Et koselig bilde du har funnet fram her.


- Seems that we\'ve both had computer promelbs! I\'ve seen a lot of Eiffel Tower shots during my years as a picture editor, it\'s good to see a more unusual viewpoint.

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