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June 09, 2006



Bookworm: This all sounds so interesting! We like the sound of those Great Tarantulian Wars!

Crackerjack: Ant Lions?! Hmmm ... would Ant Lions really EAT an ant? Curious!

The boys were riveted by this post Alice! They're digging out the insect guides as I type, LOL! :)


Thanks so much, Dawn and boys! If you can't find ant lions living in the sand near you, you may purchase them through: http://www.antlionfarms.com/

We did not bother buying the expensive habitat for them--yogurt cups for each individual ant lion work perfectly well and keep them from attacking each other.


I love the poems about the antlions. Growing up in FL we always called them "doodle-bugs" and I was so surprised when I got older and first heard the more fitting name "ant lion." Your water tiger looks alot like what we have in creeks around here called a "Hellgrammite", which is the larvae of the Dobsonfly. They are also very aggressive. I wouldn't want to get bit by either one!


Theresa, thanks for the information. Our friends do look like Dobsonfly Larvae. That accounts for the "oars" down the side of its body. Interesting that the Dobsonfly would have chosen our motionless pond to lay eggs. The information says that they live their lives in fast moving streams. I guess, with limited habitats available, they will lay eggs in less than ideal circumstances.


Yes, interesting. I have only seen them in swift-moving mountain streams here, which is why I only suggested that yours resembled a hellgrammite, rather than positively identifying them as such. Who knows!


Gee, I was going to guess hellgrammite, too...I have seen hellgrammites in still ponds in your area, Alice...if you keep it, I'll buzz by this week and double check. Fun documentary video...heheh. I predict a career at NG for the girls!

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