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May 04, 2006


Elizabeth Foss

What a stunning picture! Simply beautiful and very well captured. I'm speechless over the poetry. Agnes has such a command of language and such a gift for expression. I look forward to reading her writing for years to come...


What a beautiful photo! Agnes is a very talented writer!


What striking photos, and the poem - very gorgeous! I keep scrolling up to reread favorite stanzas to my daughter.

Karen E.

Resplendent is the only word that comes to mind -- for the sunset, and for Agnes's poetry!


Ditto what everyone else has said! The sunset AND the poetry are stunning!


What two very talented girls! Beautiful imagery and image.

I like the "pink and rosy like sherbet" too, even though it didn't make it into the poem : )


Stunning photo, there's some talent there for sure!! Love the poem!


Tasheen Posted on I am a hunzukutz and live in USA, when I went to Pakistan this time, i was amaezd to see my family enjoying this album. Now i know what they saw here, beautiful poetry, melody and voice. Thank you for making it available.Keep it up. Please convey our gratitude to the singer.Best,Tasheen

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