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May 11, 2006


Elizabeth Foss

Mary Beth pointed this out to me a few weeks ago when she found another picture of Marie elsewhere and it was captioned...But I thought you moved to the home with Cottage more recently than that. Time really flies! Marie is such a grown up girl now!

Mary G in Greenville

This is a lovely photo -- I particularly find endearing the toe of the tight sticking out from the sandals. This could be an award-winning picture of the gracious life!

And your daughter is adorable!


*/>But I thought you moved to the home >>>with Cottage more recently than that.

This is actually not our cottage. (I wish we had that thatched roof!) It is a playhouse on the grounds of a local nature center. It looks full size next to the babies though!


Was that taken before or after Trip tossed her to the ground? He is still horrified that she launched so violently from his hands, but glad she recovered so quickly!


LOL! I think after! She doesn't look much the worse for wear!

Besides, Trip was helping her. I'm thinking her problem was that long-toed tight!


That was Alice and not Agnes in that last comment!

Thanks Mary, Elizabeth and MacBeth for your comments, by the way.

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