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May 29, 2006



Alice, the State Department just called...they want to transplant your hedge to the southern border. ;)


Alice, Last spring I took a trip to Falling Water, Frank Lloyd Wright's former home in Pennsylvania. There are a plethora of gorgeous rhodedendrons on the grounds. I thought they had the most beautiful display of them that I had ever seen...until I saw your post today. Yours really are phenomenal! Do you feed them regularly or is your soil just extremely fertile?

BTW, I love the Korean dogwoods. I planted one in memory of my father after he passed away. Ours has just begun to bloom this past week.


WOW!!! I have never seen such Rhododendrons! Spectacular!!!!


MacBeth, RFOL!

Rebecca, thank you! We do not do anything special to them, but I think they may be some kind of super large variety.

Thank you, Theresa!


Thank you so much for sharing your garden haven with all of us. I can almost smell the flowers. : )


Beautiful flowers and photos. Thanks for sharing!

Also, because I enjoy reading your blog, Alice, please consider making a contribution to this week's project on my blog titled "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Homeschool Bloggers".


Therese Stimpfel

Alice, You make me SMILE!!


Gorgeous! With a yard so full of beauty, I wouldn't go inside till September either!


Very pretty! Thank you for sharing the pics.


Alice, so beautiful! We have a (much smaller!) rhododendron hedge along one side of our property and they are in full bloom now. I love that pink! Thank you for posting such lovely photos. :)


Your rhododendrons are gorgeous! The hedge is incredible! Thank you for sharing.


Thank you all so much!!!


I love this post! I can totally raelte to that. It is so much fun to have your tjommies in the garden with you! Maybe I should consider azaileas in my dark areas under the potato plant and under the protea bush. There are nice cool and shady spots for them. I wonder if they can handle the hot summer temperatures!


I can't hear anyntihg over the sound of how awesome this article is.

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