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May 05, 2006


Melissa Wiley

Gorgeous. Our dogwoods came into bloom just in time to welcome the new baby. Everything is green and leafy here now!

Elizabeth Foss

Just beautiful! I love dogwoods--they actually remind me of Charlottesville, Lissa. The dogwoods would bloom in time to console us as we wrote final papers and prepared for exams. Alice, what fun it must have been for all of you that first spring in your new house, watching nature unwrap treasure after treasure as things bloomed!




Absolutely gorgeous! This was such a good year for the dogwoods around here, too. I cannot recall a year when they had brighter, fuller blooms.


You dogwoods are beautiful! When I was a child, we had a pink dogwood growing outside our dining room window. Thank you for bringing back a memory.


The garden is as enchanting as you are my dear, what a haven for your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing it with us!


Just gorgeous!! Alice, what lovely grounds your family enjoys!! My dh saw my screen and made a beeline to peek over my shoulder at the stunning photos! :)


Your pictures are so beautiful. Here in upstate New York I think we are a little too far north for dogwoods, but I miss them. We had many dogwoods growing wild in the woods around our home where I grew up in Tennessee.

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