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April 23, 2006



I have looked at this photo closely and, for the life of me, cannot figure out how her shadow turned out to look so much like an elf. I can't see what part of Catherine makes the little curl at the top of the hat in the shadow. It is just so funny! And what a perceptive girl Marie is to have noticed it!

Elizabeth Foss

I did the same thing. What are we missing? This picture is priceless...


I, too, have stared at this photo trying to discern the elf making qualities of Catherine. Curiouser and curiouser!

Karen E.

How funny! I agree that Marie is extremely perceptive, too.


Perhaps some mysteries are best left unsolved...at least that's what I always say when I can't figure something out!


Perhaps this is little Catherine's way of letting us know that what our yard really needs is one of those ubiquitous "garden gnome" statues! ; )

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