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April 08, 2006



Alice, what a wonderful post! My 4yo is sitting here with me watching the robin clips over and over, hysterically laughing! The poems are darling as well. :)


Yes very good post!And the poem are great!


Alice!! This is too funny! Believe it or not, Violet is going to memorize this poem next!! I can't wait to show her Agnes's work, she'll love it!


This is SO funny! I can't believe this crazy bird is spending all its days fighting its own reflection. Agnes' poem is just wonderful. She really has a knack for words doesn't she?


Agnes has such a talent for parody! Wonderful!


I've spent almost 20 years wknoirg at grunt level in various health care institutions in the american southwest, and I think the above strategy is probably glib humor at best. Match the size of your preferred institution to the size of your problem. If you're holding your guts in with both hands after a car accident and someone asks you where you want to go (they won't, this is theoretical), choose the largest institution within an hour's air travel. If you've got a cold, choose the smallest neighborhood clinic that will accept your insurance. The reason is simple institutions don't provide services based on how good they will or won't be at providing them they provide the services they can afford to staff. Example: A clinic has to do significant volume to offer in-house x-rays; because a smaller number of patients doesn't warrant the salary of an radiology tech. who will spend most of his or her day reading magazines. A really big hospital can afford lots of staff, including researchers, which means that's where the cutting edge happens. Of course, they are also usually teaching hospitals, so you might get stuck with someone who is still actually practicing medicine (rather than doing what they've mastered), but unless you're bleeding that's generally survivable. If you are bleeding and find yourself at a teaching hospital, remember the phrase attending physician. The best standard of care is to be had at the for-profit non-teaching specialist hospitals. They do one thing, they do it very, very well, and they get paid what they're worth to do it. If you have the means and the opportunity, I highly recommend it. Granted, almost no-one does, but still, the best choice. Hooray for capitalism! -Gil

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