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March 12, 2006



What a wonderful idea!
Is this your house? It looks like a storybook house.

Alice Gunther

Thank you so much, Louise! No, this is a thatched playhouse from a museum we visited. It truly is right out of the pages of Beatrix Potter or Kate Greenaway and looks like a full-size cottage next to the baby!


---this is a thatched playhouse from a museum we visited.---

I was having a hard time not feeling covetous looking at that gorgeous flower garden! :)

I just LOVE foxglove!


I think the cottage gardens are is a lovley idea to use.


OMG I think I am going to tell this to all of the people I know this is such a creative thing to do when you are board and have nothing to do :))


Thanks Tina! I am really excietd. If there is a nice weekend in September I should have a house warming but it has to be outside because clearly it isn't a huge place to entertain!


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Hey this sounds so cool 😎 😎might try it.

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