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March 12, 2006



- This was one of the most amazing exneciepres to have been a part of! The day was so much fun, just flew by and all the great participants and supporters just made the day so very special! Thanks again Sue, Lyne and Joan for supporting BHRR as the beneficiary for this unique fundraising event!


Hey girlfriend! It thlirls me to no end how the Lord teaches us the same principles at the same time! I love it! As I read your glorious words about the peach and cinnamon colors revealed underneath the peeling, I immediately thought about the sweet aroma our prayers, our obedience and our offerings are to the Lord. The more layers that are peeled back, the more we understand Who He is. The sweet aroma intensifies. I am so very thankful for my Mid.


I honestly could not cshooe a favorite, there are too many things there that I absolutely love!I live in Moses Lake and my best friend comes down twice a year so we always make sure to come down, meet my Mama(Pasco) for lunch and get our Goodies ! It's not just what's in the store, it's the one place we love to go that still has that Old-Fashioned, country feel and great service! Thanks for what you all do!!


I have to pick just one? I could spend all day in the mercantile! It would have to be all of your salass! There is one for every occasion! Not a holiday has gone by that I haven't come out there and bought a few jars (plus lots of other stuff) for all the holiday entertaining I do! I always get compliments, and I always send them out to you! Thanks for being there!



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