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November 12, 2020


So good to see you here!!

Thank you, Jamie! ❤️

Hello Alice, nice to read your words here. 🥰. Facebook is a tough place for me.

I stopped by your archives to get the beautiful plans for your Our Lady of Guadalupe tea which I have done everynyear since you posted them. Imagine my surprise to see your recent posts! God bless you, dear Alice!

Yeah!! Your blog was always one of my favorites! My boat is docked. 😊

You’re back!! I love this blog! Thanks for posting again. I, too, have taken a bit of a FB break (and more than a few friends have texted me to make sure I’m alive, which means I spend way too much time posting!) I love it for what “good” FB does, but I am struggling, too, with the censorship issue. It’s a slippery slope, then there’s the “don’t yell FIRE in a crowded theater” argument, and finally, perception is subjective. Thanks for being a post in this storm!! I’ve always loved this blog!! xoxo

Thank you all so very, very much! I am so grateful for the kind words and so nice to “see” you here.

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