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January 18, 2017


Linnets and Valerians has long been one of my absolute very favorite books. Love. And it's been on the family read aloud rotation multiple times. Sigh. Happy memories :-)

I had a childhood akin to those old English novels, including a year playing at Swallows and Amazons (although our little boat was alarmingly fragile and leaked all the way up the harbour). I wish it was easier to give children these days the half-wild roaming childhood of yore - send them out the door after breakfast, see them briefly for lunch (luscious sandwiches and lemonade) and then call them in for dinner ... although we used to go back out again after that, and tumble around our little world until it got too dark and cold. There were only two of us, but somehow enough neighbourhood children where ever we went (even the far away island!) to make a gang.

Though the Swallows and Pevensies are dear friends, we have never read Linnets and Valerians. Must remedy that!

I love this! Seems an ideal book for our next trip to the cabin! Thank you, Alice! P.s. we often call our youngest, Luke, a "lovable scamp!"

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