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January 17, 2017


I just put our changing table and high chair in the shed and I fear I won't put another of my babies in either again. It's hard to let them go, even as far as the shed, much less to get rid of them altogether. I know what you mean about not minding them getting in the way if only...

I think I started reading your blog shortly after you moved into your house. Could that be? Wow, times flies. We disassembled it and stored it, but I saved our crib from our babies and it will soon be reassembled for a grandbaby. Oh the thrill!

I am right there too. I turn 40 TOMORROW!! What is likely my last baby is turning 3 next week. Several months ago my husband turned the crib into a toddler bed for the "baby" and I nearly sobbed. In two weeks my oldest little miracle baby turns 9! I know that is still quite young, but it is almost a decade. God Bless.

Love, love, love that you are blogging once again, Alice! I actually have a little portable crib in our den as I write this. I'm babysitting for a precious little baby doll part-time while her mommy works helping sick people to get well.

Such happy memories, Alice! Makes me think of my bedroom in our old house, with a crib, a pack n play and a bassinet all crammed in - I had to climb over a night table to get in my closet.
All three pictures of your children are so precious. Love how the sisters went to 'visit' Jude.

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