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January 16, 2017


My father in law is from Ballina which is the next town over from Knock. We've been to the shrine many times- it's so beautiful.


You fill me up with such lovely images and a few sweet tears.

Thank you Jen, Cay, and Lorraine. Lorraine, I thought of you as I wrote this. xo

Oh what a lovely family tradition. I love the statue and the golden rose ornaments.

Alice , a story of inspiration, devotion, hearing and following God's will. Such wonderful fruits as a result. Love this!

A beautiful story of faith and faithfulness. Thank you for sharing it. Your statue and roses are such treasures.

Lovely story Alice. The only time I was at Knock Shrine in Ireland was Sept 11, 2001. I was in the gift store and the woman had on the radio, that is where I heard the awful news from that day! It was very hard to process all being said from the radio! I took a deep breath and said a Special Prayer that everyone I know be Safe and OK! "The Queen of Peace" had answered my prayer and everyone I know was safe and OK! I know a few people that worked in the Twin Towers but they somehow where not there at that time like they should have, they were late for work that day!

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