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January 02, 2017


How utterly gorgeous!

You are too kind. Love you so much, Lissa. Thanks.

Wow! Your children are blessed to have you share such wonderful and special memories of your childhood with them.

Oh how lovely.

I'm afraid my childhood parish is an ugly modernist monstrosity. I have mixed feelings about it, both fond memories and a sort of appalled resignation about the architecture. And when Dom and I met and got engaged at a parish in Salem Massachusetts, I was rather happy to have an excuse to get married at a new parish home, in a lovely old church built by Irish immigrants and the first Catholic parish in Massachusetts. But now we've moved more than an hour away from that church where we met and were married and where our first two children were baptized. But I took the kids for a visit recently when we were in Salem to go to exhibition at the art museum and we parked right in front of the church and got to go in for a little visit. We don't know the priest there now, but there was someone I recognized from daily Mass there, a sweet lady who gave us a little holy family icon as a wedding present. And it did indeed feel a little bit like going home.

You got proposed to in church--the church of your youth? What an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing!

You have me tearing up and remembering so many things from my life, right down to the wedding day walk down the aisle! How blessed we've been in our lives to be able to call St. Mary's home!

Such beautiful memories, Alice. How fortunate you were to spend so much time in one place. I haven't been back to the church of my youth in a million years (give or take). You have me longing to see it again.

I loved reading your story, childhood memories are the best. Continue to cherish them and share with your children. Your husband did the most rewarding thing, taking you down memory lane, on such a beautiful Holy night.

Love this, so beautiful--what a perfect way to start my day.

Oh, so lovely. The continuity of your life and faith is so beautiful.

I loved reading this beautiful memory. Thanks for sharing and God Bless your 2017, dear Alice and family!

Thank you for sharing this lovely post with us. My prayers for you and your precious family as 2017 begins.

Such a beautiful story. I've found that for my children, I hope. I love that your husband proposed in a church.

I don't have a childhood church, because I was not raised Catholic. And I don't have my own family home to go to at the holidays, either. I'm very fortunate that my husband's family has made a sort of adopted home for me, so that going to stay with them at the holidays feels a lot like going home -- but I don't think it will ever entirely replace what I have lost.

A beautiful way to spend New Years thanking Jesus for all the good things he will do in 2017.Thank you Alice & Chris for sharing this story. Uncle Bob

What a beautiful story. I was baptized in St. Mary's, but was never there (at least not old enough to remember). Although I have no memory of that beautiful church, I follow it on Facebook. Thank you for this very heartwarming post.

Lovely post. Your saintly mother taught me CCD at St.Mary's (I went to p.s. 229 and then i.s. 73). I live in the suburbs of Bergen county NJ now, but my parents are still in Woodside so we get to visit St. Mary's every now and then. Happy new year...

Just lovely! So glad you stayed up and drove all that way!

What a wonderful story and it is so true about our childhood parish was our "home." I think this is more true of parishes in Queens and Brooklyn where we lived within walking distance of the church and school. You brought back memories of my own banana curls at first Communion. So glad you found you can go home again on New Year's Eve.

Beautiful! You've got me tearing up, too. Xoxo Happy New Year to you and yours, Alice! Much love, Mary

Thank you all so much!

Steve, I loved your memory of my mother. She truly loved each and every one of her students.

Awe Alice what a beautiful story.... My favorite picture of your Mom in that yellow suit - so happy and pretty! My Grandmother always called your Dad, "The Judge" ...I remember playing the Saturday night 7:30 masses during the Advent season more clearly than any other time of year. It was a magical time - ah to be young again. Thanks for the memories Alice!
Love Ya,
Ann xoxoxo

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