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November 07, 2015


Amen Alice! Could never have put it more perfectly!

This is a really nice post. We've kind of downplayed Santa the past few years to the point where the children don't even make a list for him anymore! I'm not sure how to make him completely disappear, or if I'd introduce him if I had it to do again, but I can say that our happiest Christmas was they year our house in Georgia hadn't sold yet, and we didn't really have a lot of cash. I told the children I was getting them one gift each, and they were fine with that! And then, they made and purchased gifts for each other, too, so that there was quite a lot of thoughtful giving and genuine love under that tree. :-)

I completely agree, and I don't do any shopping where Christ has been removed from Christmas. Years ago we started limited gifts to three a piece -- no more than the Child Jesus. They are simple, and now that my children are becoming adults, sometimes even edible gifts (which are really nice because they don't hang around forever). Gift-giving is the smallest part of our Christmas, and I love it! And the children appreciate what they do receive.

Love this: "There was something oppressive about the atmosphere. Everyone seemed angry or just bewildered. The shops were trashed."

I experienced the very same thing for the past few Christmases now. This year, I've resolved to get all shopping done before December so that I could minimize my shopping time in December and focus more on Advent reflection. And on making plans to celebrate all 12 days of Christmas in style :)

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