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November 10, 2015


I have been reflecting on something similar, but not sure what this might look like for us. Look forward to comparing my notes to yours!


I'm with you! I think the best place to start is within my own heart. I love Christmas Eve because that is the day that I feel like almost everyone gets to be a Carmelite--all of our little actions in the moment are for something bigger.

I'm also big in the moment in individuality. Like Christmas at your house shouldn't look like Christmas at my house. Somehow the giant stash of plastic gifts make things look "the same" version of success, where our inner version of a "good Christmas" should look unique and beautiful.

I'm following your posts with interest.

So far I've got that we are going hiking on Black Friday and then doing an act of love for our local Target and Walmart employees. I feel like those workers are the people who take the brunt of our Christian confusion about what makes "the good life" on Christmas Day.

I have been working, for the past five years or so, on "holding back Christmas." I won't put the tree up until the third Sunday of Advent and I listen to Advent music instead of Christmas music. But my children are older now (some grown) and they don't like the new way. They don't celebrate way into January the way I do. It's difficult in this material world to make room in the inn, when neighbors, friends, even some family don't celebrate Him,but "the culture of Christmas." We have to keep trying, but I haven't gotten it just right yet. I do love, however, waking up on Christmas morning and walking past the Christmas tree, with gifts underneath, and heading out the door for Mass. That bit of the world stays under the tree until we have truly celebrated His birth. Maybe that's enough.

Alice it is always so wonderful to see you blogging!!! THis came at a great time. God willing we will be adding a 5th child to the mix this SPring and the toy/stuff chaos must be figured out before then. FOr the sake of my sanity. Anyway, each child is getting one toy, one family toy/game, and a pair of pajamas this Christmas. It has simplified everything. Been so much easier to budget. And other than the pjs my kiddie shopping is basically done. Anyway love t hear your ideas as Christmas is always hectic here and we always host Christmas day. God Bless you!!

Love, love, love this!!! May I share?

Perfect...Alice,For Me it was the uproar over The Santa Display at a Mall...That made me do some Soul Searching..About What Christmas should be and is to Me..Yes I will Deck my Halls..But Because of You my Cousin....This Year will Be More about The Baby..The Reason for Christmas..Thanks Alice .Love You

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