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February 16, 2015


Alas, we would not survive on that menu ourselves - not enough calories to get us through our hard-working days - but I'm aiming to simplify our meal plan a lot, too. Smaller amounts of meat in casseroles, an additional meatless meal or two each week... I just have to make sure my menfolk don't notice. :-)

Alice, what a wonderful attitude about Lent. I keep trying to focus less on what we give up and more on making life simplier. I really love the menus you have prepared. Can I borrow some of your ideas? I have a March 23rd birthday as well and our wedding anniversary falls on April 9th, so I have to contend with that as well. It is hard when it falls during the Triidum.

Jennie, very good thoughts about calories. I will definitely be adding more carbohydrates here and there if need be, especially for my thirteen year old boy.

Thank you so much, Carole. Yes, please do! So happy if you can use any of these ideas.

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