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February 06, 2015


...and she's back. ::happy sigh::

A bit rusty, but trying. Thank you, Lissa!

Beautiful, Alice! I meet someone the other day who was moving back to Wales as his wife is Welsh and wants to come home. Hireath. You have so wonderfully described this word for all of us.

We had a curtain of beads in the late 1960s and early 1970s also. It makes me smile to think of the fun we had running through them!

A lovely return.

Oh Alice, this is lovely. So glad you are writing again :-)

My Welsh heart thanks you!

That was beautiful Alice! So happy you're back!


I love the description of your little table. Love that you've kept it all these years.

My aunt and uncle had a curtain not of beads but of shells. I remember the sound they made when I ran through them. How delightful to have it brought back to me.

So glad you're blogging again.

Thank you for affirmation that what we do, day in and day out, matters. Most days I really wonder.

PS I just, not two weeks ago, took your blog off my blog's sidebar. Like a loyal dog, I had waited, but saw it had been a long time and thought you had probably moved on. ;-) I'm so excited to put it back on!

Oh Alice - I think your secret name is Hireath! So lovely - I still think your blog is the most lovely of all in the blogosphere. : )

"There was always a woman there listening..." Best line ever. So glad you're back Alice.

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