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February 08, 2015


Alice My dad still has 2 dressers that belonged to Aunt El and Uncle Joe..

Therese, that is so heartwarming. I still have quite a few pieces myself, and at least one desk (I think) went to our neighbors. Aunt El and Uncle Joe had a lot of furniture in that apartment! Do you remember Aunt El? I do, but I must have been quite young when she passed away. She and my mother were extremely close and we were at their apartment all the time. Aunt El is the person who introduced me to Milano cookies--still a big favorite around here.

I do Remember Aunt El,,She was my Mother's Godmother!! I have no Pictures,I hope you or Aunt Mary do..

My mother used to have an extraordinarily beautiful photo of Aunt El as a toddler. She was gorgeously dressed--you can tell her family must have had money. Unfortunately, I have not come across it anywhere among my mother's possessions. If I do, I will post it!

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