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February 01, 2015


Always, dear Alice. Your blog will never cease to be in my reader.

Over here! I love reading your blog Alice! I love the way you tell a story and the way your family lives the faith is such an inspiration to me and I am sure to others too. So looking forward to reading more from you! :)

That's so strange! I was just thinking back to some of your teas and Jessica posted about the Candlemas tea with a link to your blog and here is your post. I'm trying to be more regular with my old blog, too.

Come back!

Yes, I AM!!!!! I'm looking through the blogs of all the 4real ladies who have inspired me, looking for mid-year thoughts. So glad to see you are posting. If you find the answer to how to get back to blogging, please share. My kids say the same thing.

Funnily enough, I was browsing here just the other day, in the middle of organising my feed reader subscriptions. I spent quite a while smiling over posts and wishing you were still blogging. I kept your link in my feed just in case. So this post today made me smile. Your faith and graciousness were always such an inspiration. I hope you do start writing again.

Oh! So nice to see a post from you. I'm someone you've never met, but I do enjoy reading many blogs. I hope you will post more.

I am reading!! Since just about everyone uses a reader these days it is easy to have a blog sit there even if no one is posting on it...in other words I would bet many are reading this! No advice as I am the worst blogger ever!!

Yes, please! No tips from me on picking the habit back up,as all my own blogs have fallen by the wayside. But I'm always thrilled to find words from you in my reader!


Oh Alice, jump in with both feet! Share photos of your family and write about what you love. My children enjoy looking back through the mists of time. I have missed you. Welcome back! Happy Feast of Candlemas! God bless you and your family!

Yes! I love your blog. You have people out there who want to read what you write. :) I hope it becomes and stays a habit because I have three little boys who I want to test out your ideas on. I loved the Lenten teas you posted forever ago and the Advent ideas and everything. Please blog.

You post, I'll read. Of course, I should also post now and then. I'm afraid to look and see how long it's been since I've blogged.

Yes! I miss your blogging. I look forward to more posts.

You pop up in my Feedly when you post, dear Alice :-). You're writing is a gift and it has often encouraged and uplifted us through the years.

I'm reading! And just start where you're at. :-)

Me me me me me!

Do it, do it. Seriously, you won't regret it. We'll only regret the moments we didn't capture for posterity. :)

Even if you just repost the kid quips you share on Facebook, you'll be happy to have the archive.

Dooooooooo it!

I would love to read more from you... it's been too long!

See also: this post at mouse notebook, which I linked to at BG last night. For the past five years, Sue has been jotting down five things each day that made her happy that day. Simple and manageable, and what a treasure to have afterward.

I can't believe I missed your post, btw, for three whole days. Thank goodness for Feedly, clueing me in.

I'm reading, Alice! :) I still have your blog in my feed reader from way back when, so up popped this post. Excited to have you return to blogging!

I am, Alice! It would be so lovely to have you back in the blogosphere!

Reading and excited you are thinking about gracing this space again. Just jump right in! :)

Yes. Your site and words are so inspiring. If you feel the freedom and joy in blogging, we would love to be blessed by your experiences.

im here. I too have been trying to get my big toe into the blogging sea. come back! you have beautiful things to share by just being yourself.

I'd love to see you blogging again...here is one of my favorite corners of the webosphere.

Sent here by way of Lissa. My girls love reading my blog, too, for the same reason. I have been increasingly unfaithful to it over the last few years. It's just so hard to find the time to do one more thing, even when it's something I love to do! I did vow a few months ago, December or November, I think, to write every day in my blog. I didn't make every day, but I did write most days. Unfortunately, the habit didn't stick, and I'm back to posting haphazardly. I have always loved reading your blog, so I'll look forward to stopping by again!

Purchased and read HFoN just a couple of months ago - would be very interested in reading more. I wasn't aware of the blog before today.

Top Ten Reasons Alice Should Blog Again

10. Because her blog is beautiful.
9. Because her blog is inspiring.
8. Because her blog is funny.
7. Because I miss her blog.
6. Because millions of others miss her, too.
5. Because there's no one like Alice.
4. Because we all want to go ask Alice.
3. Because her kid quotes are priceless.
2. Because no one can wear a sweater like Alice (except Olive Oyl.)
1. Because I want her to.

And if those aren't enough, here are ten more:

1. Because she has enough experience to write a book.
2. Because she DID write a book.
3. Because her book is marvelous and we need more of her writing.
4. Because no one can tell a story like Alice can.
5. Because no one can touch a heart like Alice can.
6. Because if Alice isn't blogging, what's the point of having wi-fi?
7. Because I miss coming to the cottage.
8. Because a world without Alice's blog is like a world without sunshine. (Oh, wait. That's Nebraska lately.)
9. Because Alice INVENTED the liturgical tea thing and she is amazing at it.
10. Because I want her to.

Please, Alice, come back! We miss you!

Oh, here's another reason:

My daughters vote yes. And they are never wrong.

Hello, I'm reading!

I go through phases of posting more or less on my blog. Sometimes I'll do daily round ups for quite a while.Sometimes that becomes untenable and I'll do weekly or monthly posts. Sometimes just when fancy. Sometimes having a regular thing - a book sharing monday or a photo on wednesday - helps get me back into the habit.

good luck, am looking forward to reading more new posts here!

Very, very dear friends, thank you so much! It is like stepping back in time to read these comments, and I am so grateful for them. Thank you, my darling, Lissa, for the publicity. I so appreciate it. Thank you, Karen, for the top ten list--so funny. Thank you, everyone. You are so kind!

Hello dear Alice! Me too! Come on back! Obviously you have many adoring fans just waiting for more!
(and I remember that cardigan sweater Karen mentioned :-) )
Bring back the good old days! Yay Alice! xo

Haha, we just celebrated our 9th anniversary Cotty, you have to at least get to 10!!! It'll be fun, and it's more fun with friends, that's what Pooh always said ;-) xxxooo

Alice! I still check regularly to see if you've posted! Would be thrilled if you took up the pen once more :-)

Hello Dear Alice! I cannot believe that you just posted only a few days ago and I just had a feeling to take a look. Ever so often when I am at work and have a free moment, I check in on you to see what you are up to. Anyway keep posting! I love to hear about your beautiful family and your thoughts and dreams:)

Yes Keep blogging, you inspire me!!

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