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July 25, 2013


Oh how lovely. I never imagined a casserole could sound so wonderful.

Oh, lovely, Alice. I commented to my husband that I love reading bits from writers who can make you laugh and get a tear in your eye, even when writing about casseroles. Thanks for adding a little more brightness to my day!

I'm very happy for her, too!

There were four kids in my family, so we had casseroles on a regular basis (very cost effective), but I was telling Davey the other day that my dad's friend and employee, who we called Uncle Phil would sometimes invite us over in the summer. We were not raised Catholic, but Uncle Phil was Catholic and had somewhere around eight children. It looked like absolute chaos to me as a child. I mean, eight kids! That's a little unreasonable, don't you think? It seemed like they were everywhere!

I wonder what people think about us when they visit. ;-)

How gorgeous this is, Alice.

Your ability to find joy in such everyday things is heartwarming and inspiring. Makes me more grateful for what I have, too, and that means a lot.

Every now and then I take a peek at your site to see if you've been blogging. How nice to come and find such a treasure as this!

This story brought back fond childhood memories. Like yours, my mom never made a casserole. In fact I don't think I'd heard of casseroles until I was an adult. But the Italian equivalent was macaroni on Sunday ( no one called it "pasta" then) with a huge bowl of "gravy meat"- homemade meatballs and sausage. It was delicious but it's the experience I remember: coming home to the aroma of a sauce on the stove, stealing a fried meatball before they found their way into the sauce, and dipping Italian bread into the sauce, being sure not to leave any tell- tale crumbs. My three brothers, parents and I enjoying Sunday dinner. Everything that matter w in that little kitchen. Thanks for reminding me.

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