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February 09, 2012


The secret garden is my all time favorite book, I have lost count on the number of times I read it.
wonderful mask and Gnes looks stunning.

What a wonderful gift. She's beautiful, Alice. Absolutely beautiful.

Alice, she's beautiful, the dress is gorgeous, and the mask is amazing!

Beautiful, Alice!

Gorgeous - girl and mask I love the haircut. And I am amazed at the wonderful mask you were able to dream up. Never would have occured to me to do a scene!

Beautiful! Happy Birthday to Agnes!!

What a wonderfully creative mask, and it matches her dress so well! Love that she donated to Locks of Love -- her new hairstyle really suits her!

A wonderfully created mask for such a beautiful young lady. I do hope she had a lovely time as she so deserves it.

That mask is beautiful, and so is your lovely daughter!

The only thing wrong with that mask is that it covered a beautiful face.

Gorgeous mask, with great details. It reminded me of a fairy garden. So glad she had a memorable birthday!

That mask turned out REALLY well! You are so talented Alice, so glad you're blogging again!

how lovely, and what a great mask!!

Breathtaking! Lovely mask, beautiful dress and a radiant girl! You are blessed. :)

Beautiful mask, and lovely gown, yet they pale in comparison with the lovely young woman wearing them!

Oh Alice,,Just Amazing!

Happy Birthday, Agnes!
Love this post...the girl, the dress, the mask...all so beautiful! :)

Happy birthday to a beautiful young woman (by which I mean beautiful on the inside as well as the out.) The haircut is so very stylish. And the mask is lovely.

Congrats to both Agnes and her mom. Love the creativity and joy flowing so naturally. A very blessed family indeed.

Oh, Alice! I don't know what prompted me to visit here just in case, but you're back, you're back, you're back! Hooray!
♥ Jeannine

Oh wow, beautiful everything and I love the haircut!!

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