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January 28, 2012


What a great story! And I'm sure your daughter will do wonderfully on her tests today! We'll be praying for her.

Love Your Words,Love You..Welcome Back

I love this story.

I'm not exactly sure why this beautiful post brings tears to my eyes (other than with gratitude that you're writing here again!!). At times, when life becomes very difficult, it is easy to feel so alone in this world, and to forget -- or even doubt -- how eager are the saints to come to our aid.

To be our *friends.*

It can a stunning realization. And your post here is a wonderful reminder. Thanks again, Alice, as usual.

And best of luck to your daughter today -- may St. Thomas Aquinas inspire her to truly shine! :)

Wonderful story! The saints truly are our friends. Thanks for the great reminder!

Oh no, it seems my other comment didn't go through for some reason! Oh, well! I had just let you know how much I loved this story (Is it published somewhere? It sounds so familiar to me!), and that we'd be praying for your daughter's success, together with the perfect intercessor for the occasion...

I almost fell off my chair laughing at the surprise ending. Cheered me up!



I am so happy to read your blog again. As a graduate of Thomas Aquinas College I loved reading your story! May St. Thomas continue to bless you and your family.

Martha (When you were in San Francisco several years ago we shared a number of emails about the city!)

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