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January 26, 2012


Yeah! Welcome back to the blogosphere ... and those girls are GORGEOUS!


So glad to see a new post from you in Google Reader this morning! I was just thinking the other day that it had been such a long time since you posted that you must not be coming back, but decided to keep you on my list just in case. So happy that I did! Welcome back, and congratulations on your new baby!

I am so glad to see you back to blogging. I am looking forward to many wonderful posts about your beautiful family. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Thank you, Mary, Tracy, and Carole! It does my heart so much good to see your names in my inbox. It has been too long.

I so appreciate the encouragement.

I was happy to see your blog pop up in Google Reader this morning! Congratulations on the birth of your new daughter!

Yay! Yay! Yay! :) And many blessings to all of you at the cottage.

Congratulations on the birth of your little girl. Welcome back! You put a smile on my face this morning.

Oh happy day!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.


Successful Nagger


Such pretty little babies, all around. :-) I think about you often and have wondered how you've been. Lots of love to you, Alice.

I'm so glad to see a new post at the lovely cottage full of blessings! It made my day!

I'm so thrilled that you are back to blogging -- I've missed you! Your daughters are beautiful.

Alice - You always made the Internet a better place! What a treat to find a post from you. It has been a while since I have posted to my little blog (Yesterthoughts -can't even remember the URL for my signature), I still treasure the kind comments you often took the time to leave -always brightening my day ;-).
Wonderful that your family has grown! May God continue to bless you and yours! Thank you for your beautiful witness with Cottage Blessings.

Hooray! So glad to have you back here.

*GASP*!!!!! I am overjoyed Alice!!! The blog world is a kinder gentler place again! Welcome back and I really look forward to your posts!

So happy to see you and your beautiful family again! May we all be blessed by your words in this space!

Hip, hip, hooray, you are back! I was thinking of you the other day and missing your beautiful posts. Congratulations on your newest blessing!

Super YEAH!!!

Yeah!!! I miss your posts.

'Bout time you got back to blogging Alice!

Superp! Glad you are back.

IJM Bob & Joanne

As Lydia would say, Glory and trumpets! Hoo-ray and many thanks to the dear Successful Nagger! I was recently thinking of the 'good old days' when Alice blogged, and lo and behold here you are again! So, so happy!

glad to see you're back. Even an occasional update will be welcome as I've missed reading your updates.

So glad to see your blog back :)

Oh Alice dear it brings me such joy to see you blogging again!

Those girls are so beautiful, and so big! I cannot believe it.

I am so looking forward to reading more!

Oh what a treat! Your posts are always so wonderful and uplifting. And your family continues to grow more and more beautiful!

I actually think of you often (and greatly appreciate your archives too), and have wondered how you've been. I hope you are able to find the time to post more. I know *my* world will be a better place for it!

Congratulations to you and your family -- and especially to your lucky little baby (what a great place she chose to land)! :)

How lovely! Beautiful girls, beautiful blog!

I'd love to hear how the thatching project ended up by the way.

SO glad you are back!

YAY!! Thank you, Lissa, successful nagger. :)

Welcome back, Alice. I've missed you.

So happy to see that you're "back"!
Look forwarding to reading your blog again.

Your blog has stayed bookmarked in my favorites and faithfully every week or so I would click and hope. I'm so happy to discover the Cottage door open:-)

It is wonderful to see you writing online once again. Thank you for taking the plunge! From far, far away...

Yay!! Welcome back!!

Good for Lissa! Welcome back Alice and congrats on another gorgeous girl :-)

This is the best news of 2012!

Really, I have been totally fine since you stopped blogging, except for the times I have bowed my head and sobbed uncontrollably.

Welcome back, dear Alice!!!

Hey Alice,
God Bless you and your beautiful family. You are always in my thoughts, my friend, and always in my heart. Lucille

I check here every few months hoping against hope that you've blogged. I think I checked very shortly before you wrote this post so I didn't find out until I read Melissa Wiley's stream on Dickens' birthday from Google+. I am so inspired by your blog and I want you to know that it helps bring some peace to a chaotic internet experience. Thank-you so much and congratulations on your addition to your family. I hope you will include us in the joys of your family with many photos and thoughts of your day.

I can't tell you what a pleasant surprise it was to see that you are blogging again. I am an elementary school teacher and you have been such a source of inspiration for me and for my classroom!

God bless you and happy posting!!

So glad to see you blogging again, Alice. :)

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