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June 29, 2010


A lovely and heartwarming story, Alice. Thank you!

Alice, Beautiful column! This particular story brought back wonderful memories for my mother when she was a little girl!

Thank you,


I could smell the chips with peas and vinegar as I read this and loved this type of fair in Ireland. Reading this story reminds me of my Nan - Nellie O'Brien - who lived with us when I grew up. In her last few years she got more and more senile and stayed in bed most days but to the very end she would constantly have her rosary beads running through her fingers. Offering up Hail Mary's that I would get a good job and find a husband ( she used also pray to St. Jude for me!). Her devotion to Our Lady was just amazing she even persuaded my Mum to give me Mary as my second name. I have a small statue next to my bed that was next to her bed for years. When I pray to Our Lady nearly 20 years later I feel Nellies presence and it makes me smile.

LOVE the story!!! You and your family always inspire me and I give thanks to God that there are still such good and Godly family in the world. You are BLESSED!

I love how you recollects you memory of Our blessed Mary during your childhood days. For myself, I keep a picture of Our Sacred Heart of Jesus because it fascinates me and of course, being a Catholic, it give me sense of peace.

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