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February 20, 2010


oh, i love that book so much. it really is poetry, isnt it? i always thought an art museum or a childrens museum should have an interactive "great green room" that people could come and walk around in. complete with rocker and bed and with garrison keillors voice reading goodnight moon through the speakers. i would spend a lot of time in there

Lovely story. I've never read that book, but I have heard of it. Did your daughters get their green bedroom?

No, as a matter of fact, they never did!  The house we actually bought had dusty rose walls in the girls room, so we left it as is.

It's funny how your describe your first reaction to the book. I was puzzled by its popularity as well. But now I love the simple, quiet words. There's something very special about that book.

Alice, I think that I would have had the same reaction to the house. It is amazing how our lives are influenced by something as simple as a book for children! Thank you for sharing this wonderful memory.

That book has special memories for me as a new mother, as well, Alice. I need to find one of our battered copies (for we have more than one, of course) and go read it to my youngest little man tonight...

I felt the same way about the book(what's all the fuss?) when we received a gift copy for our oldest. It's amazing how quickly it became a favorite. My son (16) actually wanted his copy for his own little collection...It's missing both covers and is quite tattered,but weel-loved. Thanks for posting this-it was a fun thing to read this morning.

Alice, I always associate Margaret Wise Brown's book with you. I remember visiting you in your apartment in Astoria when our eldest daughters were only 2. You mentioned that the first time you read the book you didn't understand why it was considered a classic. It was only upon further readings that its rhythms and beauty touched you. You made me look at this book in a different way. I'm not surprised that 14 years later you would be able to write such a wonderful tribute to this cherished children's book.

Great post -- I got goose bumps because I totally "got it" . . . and maybe because we are expecting our very first grand baby and I will again be able to read that book to a wee one!

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