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January 31, 2010


How Beautiful! The white gown, flowers in her hands, hair free with a pretty floral headband. Your daughter looks like she stepped right out of the world of Shakespeare's plays. I wish I could have had such wonderful experiences when I was a child growing up. God Bless you and your family.

She's so beautiful, Alice! happy one and sixteen!

This post was a blessing to a very hard day for me. As a wife and mommey of a hubby with health concerns, I feel I am always fighting time. I have just been praying about how to stop thinking about the future and enjoy the sunggles, giggles and prayers of today. I don't know what time will bring for my husband, and this week I wait on genetic tests for my children. But, I know I have been blesed with this day, and I wouldn't trade it - for anything. I will pray that I too will write a post like this someday - and that the faith of my twenties (my "now") is only stronger in my fourties - what I pray is my future.

Bless you, and all of your babies - no matter what the age.

Sorry, I left a bad link in that last comment. I've corrected it here.
In Christ,

Many blessings to your beautiful young woman ... and her baby brother!

She is so beautiful!

Oh Alice, Agnes is breathtaking. What a beautiful post.

Happy Birthday Agnes! What a beautiful picture!

Alice, I am so happy to see you blogging again! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter and precious little boy! :)

Your blog has been such a blessing to me and inspired me to create beauty for our Lord every day. I am so glad you are back. Even though I only know you through your words, I feel we could have been such friends. Your daughter is beautiful and looks just as Shakespeare intended. Many blessings to you and please keep blogging. Your friend in Christ,

What a beautiful picture of Agnes. We hope her birthday, and the baby's were happy, happy, happy.

Love to all!

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