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January 29, 2010


cute cute cute. Can't wait to meet our little one.

Oh look at that sweet boy, all dressed in blue. He's adorable Alice.

So adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Absolutely precious! Thank you for the photo!

Gorgeous!! I am so glad you are coming back to blogging. I am not sure if you are a Charlie and Lola fan, but in the words of Lola, "You are my favorite and my best!"

What a blessing!

What a cute little "teddy bear"! He's adorable!


What a sweetie!

Very cute!

So handsome!!!!!

How sweet! I LOVE seeing the little ones in their snowsuits!

My little man (16mos)has a snowsuit that looks like a bear..complete with ears on his hood. He was chased around the door at Christmas by his 2yo cousin..."I WANT the BEAR! I WANT the BEAR!" The 'bear' wanted out of there! My 'little bear' is practically climbing up on the keyboard blowing kisses to your bear! Love from NJ!

what a sweetie!

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