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December 08, 2009


Lol! It is a delight to be reading posts from you again :-) I hope you all are doing well during this beautiful time of year.

Thank you so much, Sarah. You are gracious and beautiful, as always!

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Alice ... it's so wonderful to "hear" you again thru your blog! Blessings and hugs to all the family ...

LOL! This, I get. :)

Oh, I can't go anywhere in my house without being overheard! Hope you're having a wonderful Advent!

i'm so glad you're back!

our walls only have ears when you least want them. otherwise the walls seem to absorb my voice.

Alice , the children are lovely in every sense.You have your hands full as Nana would say!! I loved holding Jude in my arms... The younger girls are beautiful and feisty. I was so impressed with Neil's table manners.The older girls are remarkable already.I am so glad I spent a few moments with each them and had a chance to engage them..You and Chris are raising our future leaders.I feel such pride in you and I know you are following your heart and soul.Marybeth

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