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August 17, 2009


Thank you, Alice.
Much love, Chris

Alice, every time I read about the Barrett family and especially their faith-filled words at this time, I am so humbled. They remain in our prayers. Thank you for posting this. Although we didn't know Ryan at all, I have been thinking of his last moments, and it seems that, in God's grace, they were more peaceful and swift than I had been imagining. May God be very close to the whole family.

Oh, Alice. I can barely (Oh, the very thought!) imagine how deep must be their pain, and am moved to tears with every thought of them and their beautiful son. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in passing along some of Mary Ellen's words. I am both deeply moved, and deeply saddened for them. The Barrett family remains in our prayers.

Thank you so much Alice for posting this ... I didn't know Ryan, but "knew" him thru ME's and your writings ... he is in God's loving embrace!

Prayers continue for all of you and PLEASE don't hesitate to "holler" if there is anything I can do for you or yours ...

Thank you Alice. Mary Ellen has been constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you Alice. They are in my round the clock, tearful prayers here. Much love to the Barretts and also to your family, Alice.

Continuing to pray for the Barretts and all of Ryan's friends. It must be so hard for your children as well.

Our prayers for this precious family are ongoing. May God bless and keep them.

You are blessing to Mary Ellen, Alice, God Bless you!

Thank you, Alice, for posting this. We're continuing to pray. It's a comforting thought to know that as the Church Militant we are *doing something* by praying and offering up for the Barretts!

Dear Alice,
Thank you I have been thinking and praying constantly.
I have no idea of the deep pain the family is going throough and can only offer these brief words of care.
Many Blessings

Continued prayers for Ryan's family and all who love hin and miss him.

They are all I can think about and I just pray at every thought that the tiniest bit I carry lightens their burden of grief. God bless them and all the dear community who loved Ryan so very much.

Alice, My heart aches for them and for all who knew and loved Ryan. I will continue to pray fervently. I am just so sorry. Thank you for posting the email. Love, Rebecca

Thank you Alice for posting this. My thoughts and prayers are with Mary Ellen and Dave and their entire family during this difficult time. May God bless and keep them in His care.

The Barrett Family have been on my mind a lot since this has happened. Thanks so much for sharing Mary Ellen's letter with us. I will be praying for their family.

I'm so sorry. My prayers will be with them.

Alice, my heart and prayers continue to go out to the Barrett family. After reading this post, I felt led to let you know that we lost our own son to a seizure 2 years ago. If you think that Mary Ellen would find comfort in talking to someone else who has had a similar experience, you may give her my name and e-mail. Yours in Christ, Jenny

Our prayers are for the Barretts.

Thank you, Alice. Prayers will continue. My heart cries for them although we know Ryan is with Jesus.

God bless,


Thanks for passing this along, Alice. I think every mother fears the "untimely" loss of a child. In sharing the little details of this tragedy though, I see the delicate hand of God moving gently according to His purpose- and that is always consoling. God bless Mary Ellen and Dave and all their kids. I have been praying that they would have those consolations from God that might take some of the edge off the delay between their being with Ryan again someday.

My heart aches for Mary Ellen and her family for the loss of their son and brother, Ryan. Continued prayers.

God bless all.

Thank you for keeping us posted. I am trying to contact someone who knows the family. I have made contact with Mary Ellen online but don't know them very well, especially personally. However, I am so touched by this family. I would like to do something in relation to my Catholic lapbooks, in particular the Year for Priests Faith Folder. Can you please contact me. Lindy Meyer [email protected]

Thank you so much Alice. I didn't know Ryan personally but he has touched our family deeply. Praying for the Barrett family alot here! God bless you all!

I am so sorry for your loss.

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