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June 20, 2009


Oh Alice, I'm so sorry to read this, praying for Mary and her family as well as the repose of his little soul.

so sorry to hear this news Alice. Will be praying for Mary and her family.

What sorrowful news. I will say prayers for her and her family, including her son now in heaven.

Will pray for Mary and her little baby boy who is now in heaven playing with my little nephew Oisin who became an angel at about that same age.

Saying prayers now and will bring her intention to Mass with me this morning.

I will pray for them at Mass.

I'm so sorry, Alice -- I'll pray for Mary and her family.

I'm so sorry. I will keep your friend and her family in my prayers.

Gosh ... I SO know how this feels and am praying for Mary. Father talked about holding a 5mo still-born earlier this week and how the suffering of the parents was so hard ... but that if we look to the Cross, and share the suffering with the Christ, that helps!

Hugs and prayers and a few tears, too!

I will be praying. Clarice




I'm so so sorry. I'm just reaching 20 weeks myself and starting to breath a little easier...
lots of prayers winging her way.


I am so very sorry. We are praying and will pray for her and her family at Holy Mass tonight...

I will be praying. Thank you for bringing this to our attention so we can stand in the gap for her and her family during this sorrowful time.

you are such a good friend....

a rosary will be said.

I feel for your friend. We lost a little girl on Dec 3, 08 at 20 weeks. It's a horrible thing and does not get easier any time soon.

Sending many prayers, I lost baby Zoe at 16 weeks and it was the hardest thing I ever went through...Peace and Blessings in Our Lady of Lourdes...Andrea

Please have your congregation or prayer team pray that
Christ Will Purify Carey's Heart.And Open Her Eyes
onceagain. So that she can forgive. So that she can return
to Christ Jesus.She has turned her back on God.
She is a Christian. But marring a bartender.
Please also pray for the salvation of Mandy And Lory.
God Bless

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