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March 24, 2009


Alice you say it so much nicer than I would! Thank you.

What is so sad is the tenuous Catholicity at Notre Dame is damaged by things like this. To most Catholics and non-Catholic ND has always been considered a Catholic school ... but they have forgotten over the past 30 years or so that Catholic must be with a capital C ... otherwise it's just "universal".....

Blessings and hows that baby boy?

You've got to love the part where he says he asked Obama BECAUSE he cares so much about the life issue.
Give me a break!

Of course it matters! The heirarchy of the church needs to step in here! Fr. Jenkins needs to reprimanded and removed from his position...and possibly has his faculties as a priest removed.
This is never going to stop unless Rome steps in.

Well said and good recollection of the 1984 Mario Cuomo's speaking at Notre Dame!
I agree with Matt -- "You've got to love the part where he says he asked Obama BECAUSE he cares so much about the life issue."

Fr. Jenkins hopes that Obama's presence will be the basis of an engagement with him, but he's going about it completely backwards.

If one wants to engage in dialogue with the opposition, you don't first give him/her the highest honors you can bestow.

Like Reagan and Gorbachev, you meet in a neutral place first and
try to hash out your differences and reach a consensus (which for Catholics doesn't mean compromising one's beliefs.)

If a meeting of the minds occurs, then you roll out the red carpet.

Beautifully stated Alice! You put it much more eloquently than I could have, thus, making the point very clearly!!

"If one wants to engage in dialogue with the opposition, you don't first give him/her the highest honors you can bestow." Exactly Julie...hit the nail on the head there.

It is very sad that "Catholic" politicians continue to squander the opportunity to change things in this country by selling out to public opinion.

Matthew 10:33 -But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

There is another curious aspect to this issue. Surely, Obama was invited to speak at many, many commencements this year. That he accepted the invitation at ND over others (not sure which others, but
I bet some pretty big ones) is a calculated political move: "See? Smart Catholics like me!"

So nicely put, Alice! Thank you for writing this excellent post with great links.

Of course it matters when a Catholic university gives its highest honors to a devoted opponent of the Catholic church.

Thank you Alice for putting into words what I have been feeling about this travesty. Someone in our family sadly has embraced the Mario Cuomo stance. I didn't know where that came from - thank you for enlightening me.

Alice, what a wonderful post! Thanks for so clearly writing about this! I am new to the blogging world- your website is so beautiful and I know I will be back. Take care!

Alice, I just read the exact opposite view on another blog I visit. I'm so very glad I came here and found your words after that. I just wanted to say thank you for this post. I so needed it tonight.

I agree that it certainly matters. I don't know whether or not I believe the invitation to Obama to speak should be withdrawn or not, but I am pleased that people are at least thinking seriously about what it would mean to have him speak. If nothing else is done, at least careful consideration is going into the decision.

You brought up Mario Cuomo's speech, and it has just got my gears churning. My mother uses this same argument (though she is a Protestant, not a Catholic) and I just CANNOT undrestand it, though I have tried again and again! The viewpoint completely negates the rights of the unborn--a right to LIFE which is so much more significant than a right to get out of nine months of pregnancy! If we can't enforce laws against abortion, then how can we enforce against murder? It is completely incomprehensible to me. I do believe firmly in not forcing my Catholic faith upon others and would take that seriously if I were a public official--but this isn't about forcing faith; this is about saving American lives!! How can our society's conception of what abortion is be so fatally flawed?? It makes me so sad.


Great post!

Bethany, have you tried asking her WHY she is even personally oppossed? I mean the people who say that have to be aware, at least on some level, that abortion IS wrong. Maybe you can get her to admit that the reason she is oppossed is exactly because her conscience is telling her it IS murder, and follow up with that if it is wrong for her then it is wrong for everyone.

Honestly, I think the 'personally oppossed' crowd is commiting a worse evil than those who flat out condone/promote abortion. They have the conscience formation that it is wrong, but are cowards. At least the promotors may be able to claim some sort of ignorance that it really is life they are talking about.

For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on me us and on the whole world!

Yes, the whole thing is very sad..

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