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February 15, 2009


Keen indeed! Congratulations! I love the name.

Oh, how sweet! Don't you just love the things preschoolers say?

Hey, Maureen's quoting Martha! From a book she hasn't read yet! Check out the last sentence of Heather Hills. :) :) :) I knew I liked that kid. :)

Gorgeous pictures, by the bye! We are hungry for more of those, my dear...

How sweet! Precious pictures.

So true. He's fresh here, trailing clouds of glory from God who is our home - and our source of love.

What a darling girl.

Many blessings to your family.

Adorable, both of them.

So perfectly beautiful in every way. Congratulations and much love to you all! :)

Children just get right to the core realities of life, don't they? I am sure you are having the most blessed time settling in with little baby Jude!

Whoops, now I'm misquoting myself. It isn't Heather Hills. Puddingstone, maybe? But if so, not the last line. LOL!!! I'll find it & get back to you!

Whoops, now I'm misquoting myself! Not Heather Hills. Puddingstone, maybe? If so, not the last line. LOL, I'll have to look it up!

Aw so cute!

I love seeing little girls with baby siblings. You can see the instinct for mothering in even the littlest girls.

Oh, I'm melting! So precious!

Just darling, Alice. What a love!

They are both just beautiful, Alice!

Congratulations Alice and family! Your Jude is absolutely beautiful.

how precious! what beautiful children, Alice.

Oh, they are so sweet. Congratulations again, Alice!

Awwww!!! That just made my heart melt!!!

Sweet...and perfectly said.

I think all of your children are helping "heat the sod" for each other. Ah, the wonderful fruits of your labor!

God bless Jude and the Gunther family!

Oh Alice, he is so beautiful! Congratulations, a little belated as I am finally back online after almost three months waiting for a new hookup in our new rural area. God bless you and your lovely family!

Always profound, when it comes from the mouths of Babes. Truth in its purist form.

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