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February 06, 2009


Beautiful, Alice. I love your writing.

What an excellent column ... I've forwarded the link to my dh for his high school bioethics class ...

Blessings and hugs for a safe delivery of #8. And I've got the 4realers praying for ya too!

I just loved reading this. What a special Valentine's celebration this will be.

A great post.
Thank you for the link and a great blog.

Looking forward to the arrival of your eight Valentine.
Dad has you added to the list for the Novena of Our Lady of Lourdes in Cork.

Not sure what Mum is praying for this Novena but 47 years ago she prayed that the red head (i.e my Dad) would ask her out. :-) Three children and four grandchildren later I suppose her prayers are often answered!

Beautiful story, Alice. I, too, thank God for the footsteps that came before me that I choose to follow, and hope that my children feel the same some day.

Prayers for the new baby's birth (soon).

What a beautiful article. I particularly liked this sentence "My husband’s parents, who generously welcomed eleven children, and my own parents, who suffered the disappointment of infertility, were like two sides of the same coin, wordlessly impressing on us the value of children."

I was the only resulting pregnancy of my parents two-decade long struggle to conceive. It is so refreshing to here such sentiments, because I remember my mother suffering very much from others judging her, assuming she was not open to life, particularly since she was a Protestant. Being open to life does not always mean we will receive those precious souls we ask for.


Great column Alice. Good luck in the coming delivery (I would think it would be coming any moment now?!) You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

I heard your marvellous news on 4Real -- warmest congratulations! What a beautiful name!

Alice, you're just beautiful.

Alice, what a great article! I'm praying that eighth has arrived (or we'll soon hear of its arrival). I've never gone beyond 40 weeks myself, I'm sure you're overly ready to meet the baby. God bless you and your in my prayers.

this is a beautiful article, Alice.

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