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February 27, 2009


I love this shot! Look at those eyes! Darling.

Wow, she sure did grow up! She doesn't look like a baby anymore. What a pretty little girl next to that scrumptious brother of hers!

Ooh, I could just eat them up!! So adorable and sweet. Much love to you sweet friend :)

Oh, those eyes! And that soft baby hair :).

What a lovely picture ... her response reminds me of a friend whose only girl (6 boys 22-9yo) turned 5 the other day ... Marianna told her mom that "I don't need any help anymore, Mom; I know it all" ...

The mom said she'd be calling me in a few years for advice!

Look at those beautiful big blue eyes! How incredibly fast that baby of the family gets "all growed up" and is facing a baby brother or sister of her own! Let's hear it for babies!!!

Such a sweet picture of a beautiful big sister.

PS! That blond fuzzy down on the baby's cheek is too sweet!!

Oh! Priceless.

Aw! So sweet. You and Lissa with your photos of your lovely baby boys. Oh I can't wait to hold mine.

Alice, what a wonderful pic of such a pretty little girl and her baby brother...so sweet! :)

Oh what a sweet sweet photo. Such big eyes, full of love and so proud of her new roll as big sister.

Such a darling. Don't you just love the wisdom in Peter Pan?

Love your blog... your design, awesome blog banner, and your darling kids... oh my! I'm so glad I found your gorgeous blog... what a blessing...


Lovely! You are so blessed!!!

She is so cute! I love those close up sibling pics!

I can't get over those eyes! How blessed you are Alice to have such a beautiful family! I always love the pictures when the children visit in the hospital.

That is such a precious picture and what a sweet thing she said!! How adorable they both are!

Ahh, Alice, if ONLY they could stay little for a while longer! Having 5 scattered between 21 and 4, Xavier and I have learned to cherish each moment of their young innocent lives! Sadly, our youngest sees his older siblings and can't wait to grow up...

Hold them close and imprint them into your heart.

Jude is beautiful. Many blessings to your whole family.

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